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Veterinarians Love miRing



miRing USA, the medical injector ring, is the only adjustable ring device that can be used with all aesthetic syringes to give you the ability to make a simple one-handed aspiration. Fits over 99% of all aesthetic syringes and up to 5 cc BD syringes. 

Beautifully designed, skillfully thought out and mindfully engineered to be the best tool for any aesthetic injector. No shaky hands, no second-guessing proper placement and most of all no switching hands to aspirate. 


Make your injections controlled, accurate and precise and make your patients happy with miRing.

How miRing Works

The revolutionary design of the medical injector ring gives you accurate and precise control over cosmetic aesthetic like never before.


The syringe becomes an extension of your hand with miRing's customer fit and locking security. The adjustable ring fits comfortably over your thumb while securing the syringe plunger head. Perform one-handed aspirations, become more 

precise with difficult techniques and achieve expert results. 


• Fits over 99% of aesthetic syringes on the market. (Allergan, Galderma, Merz, Bellafill, Versa and much more)

• Secure syringe to thumb for precise control.

• Adjustable to thumb size to create a custom fit.

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