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About APAW EXPO 2024

You won't find a better value than the 2024 Animal Protection And Wellness (APAW) Expo, which brings experts and colleagues together for an unparalleled opportunity to brush up on the basics, dive deeper into established practices and learn about the latest

cutting-edge programs.

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The Animal Protection And Wellness Expo

Live Conference 2024 offers:

For the past 25 years, the Animal Protection And Wellness (APAW) Expo 2024, successfully unites a vast cross section of animal law professionals and animal welfare advocates together to learn the importance of each of our roles in protecting animals as well as humans.


  • Dynamic Speakers who are leaders in the animal welfare, law and wellness fields

  • Basic and advanced courses offered

  • Expo exhibit hall with over 100 exhibitors

  • Continuing education opportunities

  • Networking opportunities


Network with lawmakers, prosecutors, judges, lawyers, animal welfare organizations, veterinarians, vet techs, animal shelter and rescue/foster professionals, violence interceptors, domestic violence and child advocates, victim’s advocates, dog trainers, animal behaviorists, emergency management and regulatory agency inspectors, municipal managers, volunteers, community organizers, and animal lovers. 


Each person is a like-minded individual with similar goals and who are willing to share strategies and exchange ideas. It is about working together to enhance our roles. 



The APAW Expo is THE place to connect with professionals and animal advocates to share ideas about how we can stop animal crimes and save more lives. Volunteers are vital to animal welfare and we want to see you here too.

This conference and expo is the perfect event for the following:

• Prosecutors, Civil Attorneys, Judges & Lawmakers

• Law Enforcement Officers

• Animal Control Officers, Department of Agriculture & Other Regulatory Inspectors

• Emergency Management and Municipal Managers

• Veterinarians, Vet Techs

• Equine Specialists

• Shelter and Rescue/Foster Professionals

• Animal Behaviorists and Dog Training Professionals

• Pet Industry Leaders

• Public Safety Professionals, Teachers, Realtors and Social Workers

• Domestic Violence, Child/Elder Protection, Violence Interceptors and Animal Welfare Advocates

Victim’s Advocates,  Volunteers, Community Organizers, and Animal Lovers


Opportunities to earn continuing education credits and a course completion certification to add to your resume are available to (# of credits will be posted sooon):

  • CLE Hours for Attorneys. Georgia Bar rules require each attorney wishing to receive CLE credit must pay $4.00 per course that you attend. This fee is passed on directly to the GA Bar and is separate from our registration fee. Confirmations and payment will be collected onsite and submitted to the GA Bar.

  • LEAP for legal education veterinarians, requested (Vets/Vet Techs)

  • CEU for Veterinary General Courses, requested (Vets/Vet Techs) 

  • POST Hours for Law Enforcement Officers  
    IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR POST CREDIT -  If you want to receive POST credit per course, the GA POST requires a processing fee of $10 for each course.  This $10 fee must be paid in advance for each course offered, and the fee must be made out to GA POST Council in a check or money order.  It is non-refundable.  The address is: GA POST Council, PO Box 349, Clarkdale, GA 30111

  • NACA Hours (National Animal Control Association) 

  • Certificate of Course Completion (All attendees will receive onsite)

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