The Animal Protection Conference and Expo has been uniting all facets of animal welfare together under one roof to provide education from experts, speakers and educators from across the nation. This is an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, to share information and make "change" happen.

The Animal Protection Conference and Expo provides a legal track, law enforcement track, and animal shelter/rescue track, highlighting the importance of collaboration of agencies for success in investigating and prosecuting animal cruelty cases.  

APAW Expo is the perfect event for the following:

• Prosecutors, Civil Attorneys, Judges & Lawmakers

• Law Enforcement Officers

• Animal Control Officers, Department of Agriculture & Other Regulatory Inspectors

• Veterinarians, Vet Techs

• Equine Specialists

• Shelter and Rescue/Foster Professionals

• Animal Behaviorists and Training Professionals

• Pet Industry Leaders

• Public Safety Professionals, Teachers, Realtors and Social Workers

• Domestic Violence, Child/Elder Protection, Violence Interceptors and Animal Welfare Advocates

Our diverse courses will cover:


• Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Gangs and the Link to Animal Abuse

• Animal Cruelty Laws and Legislative Updates              

• Service Animal Law and Adapting to Changes             

• Collateral Crimes and Animal Abuse                         

• Multi-Animal Impound, Puppy Mill & Hoarding Cases

• Equine Cruelty and Equine Best Practices

• Reporting Animal Cruelty Properly                            

• Animal Cruelty Task Forces

• Animal Behavior & Training

• Investigations and In Field Operations

• Progressive Programs 


Continuing Education Credits:

Opportunities to earn continuing education credits and a course completion certification to add to your resume will be available and we will post exact number of credits available as they are confirmed.  Please check back.

  • CLE Hours for Attorneys. 

  • LEAP for legal education veterinarians, requested (Vets/Vet Techs)

  • CEU for Veterinary General Courses, requested (Vets/Vet Techs)

  • POST Hours for Law Enforcement Officers

  • NACA Hours (National Animal Control Association) for Animal Control

  • IAABC Credit Hours (animal behaviorist & dog trainers)

  • Certificate of Course Completion - All attendees will receive via email

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