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Animal Law Source

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Your Resource For Georgia Animal Law

Professionals and the public can access current information related to animals which will enhance an effective community response to animal related issues in Georgia. This site provides a collection of legal cases and statutes, comprehensive content, resources, best practices, news, training and other information for legal, law enforcement, veterinary, animal sheltering fields and more. The mission at Animal Law Source is to change how we care for animals by uniting local communities through education.

Animal Law Source was a vision that evolved over 34 years by founder Claudine Wilkins who has been working in the animal related field since 1984. At age 16 she was a vet assistant and began her legal career as a prosecutor in 1996. Over her 25 years of experience as an animal law expert, she created original materials through research, interviews, legislative drafting, case law studies, teaching and gaining a true understanding of how the law is applied. Her work and writings became the foundation of the website to benefit professionals and the public.

Knowing “state and local” law is essential to the mission of ALS and most of her materials are geared to state specific information. Daily, she answers questions from professionals and the public seeking guidance on cases or issues involving animals. Claudine is the state’s leading expert on animal law. Putting this knowledge in one place for easy access along with educational symposiums and targeted trainings are all part of the overall vision in – your number one animal law resource in Georgia.

Who Benefits?

  • Prosecutors and Victim Advocates

  • Judges/Law Clerks

  • Law Enforcement Officers and K9 Officers

  • Animal Control Officers

  • Department of Agriculture Inspectors

  • Veterinarians/Vet Techs

  • Civil Attorneys

  • Experts in Animal Law

  • Shelter Directors and Staff

  • Adoption Personnel

  • Dog Trainers and Behaviorists

  • Rescues and Fosters

  • Students

  • Members of the public interested in learning more about animal law and shelters

  • And the animals of course

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